We’re Coming to Facebook and DLive!

The Dungeons ‘n Dagons empire is expanding. In our endless quest to spread madness and wonder across the internet, we’ve recently splurged on a Prime Streamlabs account, which will allow us to restream future episodes to platforms other than Youtube and Twitch.

While we’re always on the hunt for new ways to reach our audience, for now we’ve settled on Facebook Live and DLive. These are two of the most popular streaming platforms for gamers, and while tabletop RPG actual-plays are a bit of a niche, we’re excited to bring our weekly sessions to platforms full of (we hope) like minded nerds such as us.

We’ll be streaming on these new platforms starting from Thursday, March 4, for the next episode of D&D: Fellowship of Steel. We hope some of you will decide to check it out, and catch us live on your favourite site. As always, keep the spirit of adventure alive!

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