Announcing Call of Cthulhu: No Man’s Land!

Get ready for the very first Dungeons ‘n Dagons one-shot special!

When the blood of a generation is spilled in Europe, eldritch terrors meet with the horror of war in NO MAN’S LAND. Keeper Dark Gaia presents a sanity draining, action packed Call of Cthulhu adventure set during the Argonne Offensive in World War I. Starring Liam, M1 and M2, this classic tournament scenario will be recorded in two parts for a very special audio-only one-shot to celebrate Liam’s 34th birthday. This episode will not be streamed live, and will instead arrive on January 23 on YouTube, Spotify, Anchor and Stitcher. In keeping with the birthday spirit, this one-shot will be available to all listeners and will not require you to be a member on our Patreon.

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