Announcing Call of Cthulhu: Curse of the Pharaoh!

After a long hiatus, the Great Old Ones are turning their gaze upon Dungeons ‘n Dagons again. Next month we shall be resuming Call of Cthulhu with a brand new campaign: Curse of the Pharaoh. Introducing new players Remi and Kitty to the game, this shorter campaign will take a new group of investigators from Arkham, Massachusetts to the sands of Ancient Egypt as they unravel the terrifying secrets of the Black Pharaoh and his dark brotherhood.

Set in 1923, this campaign serves as a prequel to all of the Call of Cthulhu campaigns we’ve run before, and delves into the forgotten origins of the nightmare that would later come to pass in Day of the Beast. Brought to you by regular Keeper Dark Gaia (Dayle), this journey into horror and madness will commence on May 14th with a special in-person episode to celebrate Dayle’s birthday, and then will continue every second Friday afterwards as we return to our usual streaming schedule. You’ll be able to catch all of the terror live on Youtube, Twitch or DLive, or witness it after the fact on Spotify, or your favourite podcast platform.

Call of Cthulhu: Curse of the Pharaoh will be replacing our current Delta Green campaign which, due to real life commitments affecting the availability of several of our regular players, will be put on hold for the foreseeable future. We will be returning to and wrapping up the stories of Stanley, H.G King and their cell in a future project. In the meantime, however, we hope you enjoy a look into the past of one of our very first campaigns. The Great Old Ones look forward to seeing you.

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